Field Herping 2009
March 23, 2009 The season is under way! Although I've been out a few times already this year, I haven't seen much other
than some rat snakes, earth snakes, tarantulas, and scorpions. Today turned out pretty good up in north Texas near the
Oklahoma border. I saw two young adult western diamondback rattlesnakes and a huge western cottonmouth, as well
as vultures, wild turkeys, and a coyote. Both of the rattlers were found coming out of their winter dens on a rocky hillside,
and the cottonmouth was found in a dried up swampy area back in the woods which I found by following a deer and wild
hog trail.
Habitat shot.
Habitat shots.
Rattler #1(The last three pictures)
Rattler #2 This one never sat still.
Western Cottonmouth (The largest I have ever seen in the wild!)
Cottonmouths are also referred to as water moccasins.
Western Diamondback Rattlesnake
Copperheads a' plenty! Broadbanded copperheads are one of the more common snakes around here and are definitely
one I enjoy seeing. The most I've seen in a single day was 27!
March 24, 2009
April 11, 2009 The weather was real nice today so I went out to do some flipping at a few spots in Dallas county, most
of which was in the Dallas city limits. I managed to find four western diamondbacks, as well as some Texas and Great
Plains rat snakes and a coachwhip.
April 9, 2009
April 8, 2009
A young, juvenile western diamondback rattlesnake.
A large, angry rattler!
Rattler found under a slab of concrete.
A 5 foot long eastern coachwhip.
April 12, 2009
April 12, 2009
Two copperheads and a Texas rat snake.
A large Texas rat snake.
April 12, 2009 A few more photos from Easter Sunday. I went out herping here in Arlington close to my home.
A broadhead skink which seems to have caught my wife.
A juvenile western ribbon snake.
I even found the Easter bunny!
A lot of spring rains made the flipping pretty bad because most of my spots became pretty muddy and not too appealing to
snakes, so I'd been mostly doing road cruising after dark. The snakes which are on asphalt were found on country roads
after dark and the others were flipped. Both methods can be productive, but road cruising is easier since I don't have to
deal with mosquitoes, fire ants, and poison ivy, and not to mention, it is done sitting down in the comfort of your vehicle! A
wide variety of snakes can be seen along with other animals such as deer and raccoons.
April 18, 2009 Here are two snakes I saw on a rainy Saturday. On the left is an eastern coachwhip and on the right is a
speckled king snake.
April 26, 2009 I had a little time to kill and found a few herps just down the street from my house, a yellow bellied racer in
the left photo and a blotched water snake in the right photo next to a fake skull I found floating in the creek near the snake.
April 29, 2009 A snake I had never seen before and over the course of two days saw thirty to forty, Texas blind snakes.
They are a strange little snake that strongly resembles an earthworm.
April 31, 2009 Western massasauga rattlesnakes (left picture), a small rattler that rarely exceeds two feet in length.
These are normally seen on country roads at night. Always cool to see, especially when they haven't been run over! On
the right is a small western diamondback rattler found in the same area.
May 2, 2009 I managed to move this four foot western diamondback off the road just as a few other speeding vehicles
were headed right for it. Unfortunately, it didn't appreciate my efforts! And although not a herp, tarantulas are another
common sight on the road out in the country.
May 7, 2009 Flathead snake
May 6, 2009 An adult western massasauga
Prairie King Snake
Woodhouse's Toad
May 7, 2009 Below are a few more cold blooded critters found during an evening drive through the country.
June 17, 2009 After looking for a long time, I finally found a snake I've been wanting to see more than any other, a
Texas coral snake! This one was an adult between 2 and 2 1/2 feet long, under a piece of trash on the side of the road
in Dallas, of all places. Also pictured below is an adult eastern hognose found crawling along.
May 8, 2009 Juvenile western massasauga. For every one I see alive, I see one or two killed on the road.
Another non herp, a 6 1/2 inch giant desert centipede.
I've heard their bite can be extremely painful.
May 8, 2009 Prairie King Snake. A secretive snake
usually found in grassy plains.