Field Herping 2011
I haven't had much free time this year and haven't herped much. I've gone to Oklahoma a few times with decent finds and
have done some local herping here in DFW with less than stellar results. Below is a small compilation of some snakes I
found this past spring. Once it cools down in the fall, I hope to get back out. Click on any of the photos to increase their size.
Two young western diamondbacks and a baby
Great Plains rat snake found together
hibernating under a pile of hay in an old barn
back in February.
One of the largest broadbanded copperheads
I've seen. This one is probably around 32
inches. This location used to easily produce a
dozen copperheads in a day but has been
disturbed to create a paintball area.
Ground snake. Cool little snake which can vary in
appearance. Some are patternless. I've seen bright red
ones also.
A black rat snake-Texas rat snake intergrade crossing the
road in southern Oklahoma.
Broadbanded copperhead. Notice how it matches the dried
leaves perfectly.
Timber rattlesnake. We found it crossing the road during
sunset. We moved it out of the path of a truck in the nick of
An adult Great Plains rat snake with a dark reddish
coloration from Oklahoma. They are also referred to as
Emory's rat snakes and I've even heard people call them
Texas corn snakes.
A large western diamondback found in Dallas. I found this
one along with a male WDB and a coachwhip under the
wall of an old outhouse which had fallen apart.
A prairie
found under a
rock. Cool
A female wild turkey who just refused to get out of the way.
I took this photo while driving along about 10 feet behind
her. I guess she didn't know that it was turkey hunting
season in Oklahoma at the time!
A timber rattlesnake den. I can't wait to go back here in the
late fall when all of the residents are coming home!