Field Herping 2013
March 9, 2013 A young Great Plains rat snake (in shed)
found under a mattress in Dallas. Cool snakes, but this
one wasn't happy and bit me before I was done with it.
I have a good feeling 2013 is going to be a great year for herping! It's already off to a good start.
March 16, 2013 A nice looking broadbanded copperhead
found in southern Oklahoma. There were several of them
together in the crevices of a rock formation.
I was hoping to find several of them at the den, but I was
still very happy to find anything.
March 16, 2013 A healthy looking timber rattlesnake I
spotted still hanging around the den site in Oklahoma.
It was rattling the whole time, but we couldn't hear
anything with that tiny little rattle.
March 16, 2013 A subadult western pygmy rattlesnake I
found curled up under a rock. It looked a little thin.
March 30, 2013 A nice looking young Great Plains rat
snake (aka Emory's rat snake) found in a pile of shingles.
March 29, 2013 Texas rat snake found curled up under
a board, covered in dried mud.
April 6, 2013 Western ribbon snake, one of seven
adults found in the same pile of boards, two of which
were mating.
April 6, 2013 A large adult broadbanded copperhead
found basking in a pile of asphalt in Arlington.
April 6, 2013 A nice, light colored adult yellowbellied
racer found crawling through the grass.
April 13, 2013 A 4 1/2 to 5 foot coachwhip found near a
Texas rat snake under the wall of an old, collapsed
outhouse in Dallas county.
Often mistaken for garter snakes, the two rows of half
moons on the belly tells you that this is definitely a lined
April 13, 2013 A lined snake. This one was pretty
chewed up. Found in a pile of shingles in Dallas
April 13, 2013 A three foot western diamondback
rattlesnake, found with another three footer inside an old
couch, of all places.
This four footer was found with a smaller rattler together
under a board. It's common to find them in pairs this
time of year.
This one appears to be a speckled/desert
Lampropeltis getula holbrooki/splendida) hybrid.
April 20, 2013 A king snake found in situ under a slab of
concrete in Fort Worth.
April 28, 2013 A southern/broadbanded copperhead
intergrade found under some shingles in Dallas
April 28, 2013 A 4 1/2 foot western diamondback found
under a fallen billboard close to a busy freeway. This
one had a very bad attitude!
May 11, 2013 Adult prairie king snake found under a
fallen sign in Fort Worth. It's in shed in the photo. They
are very similar in appearance to Great Plains rat
May 18, 2013 A western massasauga rattlesnake
found crossing a busy highway late at night. I saved this
one from becoming road kill. Cool little rattlers! Photo by
Chris Mallery.
May 25, 2013 A Graham's crayfish snake I found inside
of a wet cardboard box on the edge of a pond, of all
places. Only the second one I've seen in the wild.
May 26, 2013 My very first American alligator in the wild!
Found right here in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. I've been
wanting to see one of these for a long time.
May 27, 2013 A western massasauga rattlesnake
found just beginning to crawl out onto the road.
May 27, 2013 A bull snake found under a board on the
side of the road. Very cool snakes!
May 26, 2013 A large adult western massasauga
rattlesnake. This one was close to 30 inches in length.
May 27, 2013 A baby common snapping turtle found
walking out onto the road. Brought to the nearest pond.
June 8, 2013 A very dark and angry diamondback
water snake.
June 2, 2013 A three foot western diamondback
rattlesnake I saw crossing the road at night.
June 16, 2013 An ornate box turtle I saw on the side of
the road. It's nice when you find them before they've
been run over!
July 6, 2013 Saw this thick, five foot bull snake on my
way home from a barbecue. I can't believe it made it all
the way across a busy highway without getting hit.
August 9, 2013 A young broadbanded copperhead I
saw crossing the trail at a local park during sunset.
August 1, 2013 A spiny softshell turtle. They have long
necks and won't hesitate to bite.
August 18, 2013 An extremely large diamondback
water snake I found while fishing. I put him in the
bucket for a photo, then returned him to his pond.
August 17, 2013 One of the hazards of herping. This
little guy sprayed at me but missed fortunately. I've
been seeing a lot of skunks this summer after dark.
September 10, 2013 A hatchling Texas rat snake I saw
crossing the trail at the local park at sunset.
September 21, 2013 Not a great photo, but it's a gray fox
that I noticed had been watching me look for snakes.
September 21, 2013 An adult Great Plains rat snake I
found under a board on the side of the road.
September 21, 2013 A hatchling yellowbellied racer.
Babies are heavily patterned while adults are completely
patternless and usually olive in coloration.
Here is the other pygmy rattler. This one was the larger
of the two and was definitely an adult despite only being
about 18 inches in length.
October 12, 2013 A western pygmy rattlesnake I found
crosing the road in southern Oklahoma. It was one of
two found that night.
October 12, 2013 A nice looking broadbanded
copperhead from southern Oklahoma. One of three I
saw (two on the road and one under a rock).
October 12, 2013 An American toad found in
Oklahoma. One of many I saw, both on the road and
under rocks.